About Us

Carla & Nicole's is the go-to online clothing boutique that caters to women of all ages who appreciate exceptional quality clothing that is trendy, comfortable, and fun!  We believe that the clothing you wear should be an expression of who you are; not only should it accentuate your body, but it should show off your personality as well!  No matter if you want to dress for success, dress for the moment or dress to simply enjoy life – Carla & Nicole's have you covered!

When asked to describe our clothing boutique and collections, we often say that we are fashion savvy, mature but never dull or boring!  Our goal is to help you fill your closet with styles that will make you smile and feel chic, cute, and confident when you walk out the door and into the world.  For this reason, we handpick every piece of clothing that we include in our online boutique and trust us, we are selective in deciding what we feature under the Carla & Nicole's brand name.  We take great care in choosing only styles, materials, and designs that are of superior quality and representative of the latest trends but are still enjoyable, attractive, and comfortable. 

Our Promise To You

The people behind the scenes at the Carla & Nicole's clothing boutique are dedicated to providing you with not only beautiful and fabulous clothes but also affordable boutique prices and the absolute best customer services.  We care about our customers and want them to dress well, enjoy life, as well as be happy and content. As such, we strive to keep our selections current and our prices fair so that you have more variety and clothing options to ensure that you always look your best!  

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Life is better when you’re dressed in stylish and trendy clothes!

At Carla & Nicole’s, we are here to fill your closet with the best quality and most fun fashion available anywhere!

Our clothing boutique is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to dress in style and keep it fun and affordable!